McKinney wins Jay Chiat Awards at Strat Fest - McKinney

McKinney wins Jay Chiat Awards at Strat Fest

October 19, 2011

Brilliant planning ought to be celebrated and the 4A’s did so with its presentation of the 2011 Jay Chiat Awards for Strategic Excellence at the Strategy Festival in New York City on Thursday, October 13. These global advertising awards honor strategic thinking and recognize those professionals who have developed strong, innovative insights and initiated their work through creative that inspires both consumers and business.

McKinney took silver in the For Good Strategy category for Urban Ministries of Durham’s SPENT. We won bronze in the Brand Experience category for CenturyLink BMG’s SMB IT Connection and an honorable mention in the Creative Tech category for CenturyLink’s Ultimate Problem Solver.

Cheers to McKinney Chief Strategy Officer Andrew Delbridge for leading the Strategy Festival for a second year.