McKinney wants its FWAwebTV - McKinney

McKinney wants its FWAwebTV

September 21, 2011

McKinney is taking a welcomed (although we hope short-lived) respite from FWAwebTV. Currently on hiatus, the weekly show featured live, uncut looks into the workings of the modern agency. More than 60 of them to be exact.

Those tuning into McKinney’s time slot at 4 p.m. on Thursdays might have seen the painting of the brand towers or a bout of human shuffleboard? There was also a slang spelling bee where viewers were invited to tweet @mckinney their favorite slang word.

Communications Manager Joel Richardson produced the episodes, which have been another successful iteration of the McKinney Ten Percent. “Our involvement with FWAwebTV is another example of McKinney’s collaborative environment at its best,” said Joel. “It never ceases to amaze me how a rotating group of volunteers from around the agency, creative and non-creative alike, can produce a highly entertaining and often engaging hour-long program week after week.”

According to FWA, the new show’s 2.0 version will have on-demand videos created by participating agencies. Serve them up, Joel!