McKinney introduces Motobias - McKinney

McKinney introduces Motobias

June 30, 2011

McKinney expands into the software business with its new technology, Motobias.

Motobias, as in “a bias toward motion,” creates “dynamic video” — video that can be easily manipulated by the content creator, such as an advertiser, as well as by the end user. It aims to license its innovative video software to businesses, including other ad agencies. The product, also called Motobias, is available and the company is talking with potential licensees.

The initiative is part of a reinvention of the agency that also includes taking ownership stakes in startups, either by investing cash or in exchange for services, who have the potential to become major clients down the road, CEO Brad Brinegar said. He continues to explain, “Our whole culture is about taking smart risks and trying things. The world is changing, and we need to change with it.”

With Motobias, content creators can easily and quickly mix and match components such as still images, video clips, text and audio. Those elements can also be synced with a database to create personalized videos.