Delicious Durham - McKinney

Delicious Durham

June 30, 2011

A decade ago, one of the last places anyone would go for top-notch dining was downtown Durham. The area was riddled with vacant, dilapidated tobacco warehouses and boarded-up storefronts. Today, Durham visitors can enjoy a new era of downtown life. It began in the American Tobacco district, an area adjacent to the City Center that was once dominated by a tobacco factory. Now that district has grown into a full-fledged entertainment complex. Venues include the Durham Bulls minor league baseball stadium and, since 2008, the $44-million Durham Performing Arts Center, known to many as DPAC. In the last 10 years, downtown has added a variety of cafes, bars and unique, upscale restaurants like Rue Cler, Scratch, Toast, Revolution and KoKyu.

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