SPENT is a hit! - McKinney

SPENT is a hit!

March 9, 2011

On Tuesday, February 8, McKinney and Urban Ministries of Durham unleashed a new online game called SPENT that uses social media to educate players on real issues of poverty and homelessness…and according to the statistics, it is a hit!

As of Monday, March 7, there have been 850,000 games played, with 425,000 of them being played by absolute unique visitors. Approximately 91% of people have accepted the challenge and have spent an average of 10 minutes on the site. The “Get Involved” button was clicked 26,000 times and the “Donate to UMD” button was clicked 16,000 times, which is a big number. People from all over are enjoying SPENT, including McKinney employees!

Abel Parris, one of the studio artists for SPENT, believes the game is eye-opening and raises awareness because “it puts you in the place of someone trying to avoid homelessness. Having to make those tough decisions makes the game effective.” Studio Photography Artist Julia Parris agrees that “the game really makes you stop and rethink your own purchases and it helps you to understand how easy it could be to fall into that place of need, especially after coming out of the recession.”

Check out the game at http://playspent.org and accept the challenge! Also, continue to spread the word about SPENT by sharing your score results and posting the link for the game on your Facebook or Twitter pages.

Congratulations to the entire SPENT team — Jonathan Cude, Nick Jones, Jenny Nicholson, Carmen Bocanegra, Lizzie Ruiz, Josh Barber, Matt Hisamoto, Joseph Levinski, Able Parris, Karla Mickens, Roger Lima, Janet Northen and Joel Richardson.