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McKinney goes to SXSW

March 9, 2011

We talk a lot about how important digital is at McKinney, and we do it well. Our website is the first agency site built for mobile devices; we made an online game that shows players how quickly homelessness can happen, even when you make the best decisions; we twirled towels and culled useful commentary with homegrown Twitter tools; we filmed a man on a month-long, cross-country multisport expedition and launched the episodes on Facebook.

And that’s just in the last three months.

To learn how we can continue to shape the future of advertising with creative new media, we’re sending 18 McKinneyites to Austin, Texas, for the five-day SXSW Interactive conference this week.

Though not in the office, we won’t be hard to find. From March 11 to March 15, SXSW attendees will be posting to McKinney’s SXSW Posterous. Check it regularly to read about the sessions we’re attending, the people we’re meeting and the ideas we’re brewing.

More interested in the brews we’re drinking? Then maybe our Facebook page will appeal — look for daily photos and updates. Conference summaries and interviews will be posted to Five Words each day as well. And we’ll be tweeting too, of course. I’m sure you already follow @McKinney, but perhaps you should consider following us too if you’re not already.

And finally, check out the new SXSW-only version of McKinney’s ad/tech/design Twitter aggregator Crows Nest — it will pick up the most re-tweeted tidbits from hand-picked SXSW influencers, speakers and panelists. During the week of the conference, the regular Crows Nest feed will pick up tweets not directly related to SXSW. But that could be tough.

The five-day interactive conference is an extension of the South by Southwest music festival meant to help creative people develop their careers and share their ideas. It now draws 17,000 registrants annually. That’s a lot of networking, tweeting, blogging and learning. We can’t wait.