Snowglobe Boy attends viral video workshop - McKinney

Snowglobe Boy attends viral video workshop

January 26, 2011

Remember Snowglobe Boy, the McKinney 2007 interactive holiday greeting broadcast of Ben Eckerson in an inflatable snow globe shown in real time on a microsite for four days straight? It broke a world record, was covered on CBS’s “The Early Show” and earned Ben an invitation to participate in a workshop on viral videos three years later.

On Saturday, January 22, Ben attended a one-day workshop at Design Box in Raleigh called Going Viral: Making and Distributing Online Video. Led by brand marketing and content strategist Arik Abel, the workshop drew about a dozen other attendees, many of them active in Raleigh’s marketing community or employed by Internet startups.

Ben helped kick things off by sharing footage from 2007 and stressing its viral video elements, even more impressive now considering those one-click “Share” icons were still newfangled gismos. Throughout the day, Arik asked Ben to weigh in with an agency point of view, to catalog what made Snowglobe Boy a success and to emphasize the workshop’s takeaway: though a solid strategy will help attract viewers, a simple idea with universal appeal is vital for viral video.