Internal Battle rages at - McKinney

Internal Battle rages at

January 4, 2011

An epic battle is under way here at With over 5,000 votes cast so far, the Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move game controllers are neck and neck for dominance in’s Internal Battle poll. While reviews of the Move have generally been tepid, calling it a Wii with better graphics, Kinect reviews have almost universally lauded it as the next huge development in user experience and the future of user interface navigation — similar to what is seen in the 2002 Tom Cruise film “Minority Report.” Actual sales numbers on both devices are cloudy so far as both manufacturers have only released numbers on units shipped and not sold. Also, users must buy multiple Move controllers if they want to play with friends, while Kinect currently supports up to six players — no purchase of additional controllers required. So whether you’re a Sony fanboi/Microsoft hater or Xbox LIVE die-hard, let your voice be heard in the Internal Battle poll and help decide who the real champ is.