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World’s Greatest Zookeeper Meets World’s Greatest Spokesperson

December 8, 2010

Jack Hanna to appear in Nationwide Insurance Ad

Jungle Jack Hanna may feel at home around wildlife, but in a new Nationwide Insurance commercial, he finds that untangling his questions about insurance can be a whole new animal.

Fortunately, the World’s Greatest Spokesperson in the World is there, to teach three parrots perched on Jack’s shoulders and head to sing “home,” “auto” and “life” in harmony –demonstrating how you could save up to 25 percent when you have all three policies with Nationwide. The insurance commercial begins airing nationally today.

“Nationwide has been a valued partner of mine and the Columbus Zoo‚Äôs for more than 30 years.‚Äù Jack Hanna said. ‚ÄúRecently they‚Äôve demonstrated their commitment to the animal world by sponsoring my TV series, Jack Hanna‚Äôs Into the Wild and my speaking tour helping me take the conservation messages to people all over the country. When they asked me to appear in an ad with some parrots I was honored, and a little nervous. I knew I‚Äôd have the opportunity to meet the World‚Äôs Greatest Spokesperson in the World. Would we get along!? Turns out he was a lot of fun to work with and loves animals too! We all had a great time shooting the commercial together and I hope the ad helps some viewers save money!‚Äù

“Jack has been a longtime partner with Nationwide as director of our hometown zoo,” said Jennifer Hanley, senior vice president of marketing for Nationwide. “He does a great job, with the World’s Greatest Spokesperson, helping us illustrate how you could save up to 25 percent if you bundle your auto, home and life insurance with Nationwide.”

Earlier this year Nationwide become presenting sponsor of Hanna’s popular syndicated cable TV show, Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild, and his national speaking tour. Hanna and Nationwide trace their partnership back to the 1970s when a Nationwide executive led a committee to select a new director for the then-struggling Columbus Zoo, insisting young Jack Hanna was the man for the job. Under Jack’s leadership as director and later director emeritus, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has grown to become the top rated zoo the country.

Nationwide worked with its advertising agency of record, McKinney, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, to create the ad.