The art of business cards - McKinney

The art of business cards

November 15, 2010

Business cards. Are they truly necessary? Does all that stuff like titles, phone numbers and, yikes, fax numbers really matter anymore? McKinney Art Director Scott Pridgen pondered all these questions when charged with redesigning McKinney business cards. “What struck me most was how hard our cards worked to not reflect who we are. There was no sense of creativity or passion for what we do every day.” So that was his spark to create something fresh.

Scott‚Äôs idea was to celebrate our passion for art. ‚ÄúWe are a creative enterprise, after all, and have an amazing group of artists right under our roof.” He curated original artwork submitted by McKinney artists as the backdrop for our new cards. There are 32 different pieces of original art used on the back of the cards in their initial printing, with each employee receiving four different backs, randomly selected.

“I began using my cards at the ANA’s Masters of Marketing meeting last week and was blown away by how each one started a conversation with the person I gave it to,” said Jeff Jones. “People also praised us for the simplicity of information — in two lines we communicate our name, McKinney email address and phone number. Simple is good.”