New makes FWA history - McKinney

New makes FWA history

November 15, 2010

Optimized for mobile touch-screen interaction, the new is the first site to earn FWA’s Mobile of the Day and Site of the Day titles

Agency plans to open source site’s code to the interactive community

FWA (Favourite Website Award), the most visited website awards program in the history of the Internet, has named the new Site of the Day. Having won FWA’s Mobile of the Day status last month, is the first site to win both honors.

With over 100 million visits as of August 2010, FWA showcases websites that use cutting-edge technology together with inspirational ideas, leading the way for future generations.

“Making FWA’s Site of the Day has been a personal goal since joining McKinney in 2004,” said McKinney Director of Digital Strategy Jim Russell. “To be recognized for both Web and mobile honors is incredible and just makes us want to push even harder to create powerful conversations for our clients and our brand. It’s a good day for FWA, McKinney and all who strive to create great user experiences on the Web.”

Russell also announced the agency will be open sourcing certain key components of the site’s code to the interactive community. “Our use of progressive open-source technologies helped us create a robust, full video and touch-screen, multiple device experience. We’re excited to be able to share what we’ve learned with our friends and colleagues. Our true hope is that developers and producers raise the bar for what’s next in innovative, engaging Web solutions.” Key Facts

New site’s structure includes touch-enhanced mobile, tablet and computer versions in one

• Traditionally, websites have offered a diminished experience for mobile users, with advertising agency sites being no exception. A sample of the research conducted on hundreds of the industry’s top websites at reveals the same message: users must have a mouse or the latest version of Flash for the full experience. (It’s ironic, considering agency audiences are some of the earliest adopters of touch-screen technology.) Lifting the barrier between the agency and the very people it wants to engage, tailors the whole experience to all modern devices and browsers.

• Touch interactions like swipe and drag, typically restricted to apps, enhance the site’s user interface.

• Recent work, agency news, McKinney clients and its people welcome visitors. With a touch, click or a swipe, users can explore leadership pages, past McKinney work and other “beyond the reel” content.

• Every piece of content is easily shared to Facebook and Twitter.

• The home page also includes the Internal Battle, a conversation starter/polling station that invites users to weigh in on the topics McKinney is debating from technology (iPhone vs. Android) to social media (Keep Facebook vs. Quit Facebook) and from cultural trends (@KayneWest vs. @LadyGaga) to sports team preferences (Duke vs. UNC). A Twitter feed will accompany the Battle so visitors can see parallel, live chatter on the chosen topic.

Technology Behind the Site

• works to showcase some of the latest functionality offered by HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

• It uses CSS3’s hardware accelerated features on supported devices.

• A custom CMS was developed using Rails 3 to provide a high degree of agility with the content.