McKinney’s ad for Qwest makes iPad history - McKinney

McKinney’s ad for Qwest makes iPad history

May 26, 2010

“Awesome. Five stars. This is how a magazine should be read on the iPad,” said a gushing Steve Jobs of the Wired iPad app that launched last week. Fifty-three advertisers were part of the historic launch and Qwest was one of them, thanks to an ace brand team at McKinney. Our ad, “Too Little Protection on the Road,” features interactive puzzles and word games to showcase Qwest Business solutions that help simplify IT operations and solve business problems.

“The Qwest BMG team has worked really hard over the past year on the Puzzle campaign. It started with print and online ads, but as the campaign gained traction, we were able to bring our clients new and innovative ideas,” said McKinney EVP Group Account Director Denis Budniewski. “As we gained their confidence and trust, Qwest’s appetite for innovating and experimenting increased. We created the first social partnership between Business Week and LinkedIn and then we created an iPhone app. Most recently, through great work from our media team, we were able to be one of the first advertisers on the iPad. Now that we’ve given Qwest a taste of being on the forefront, they want more and we’ll definitely be bringing them new ideas in the future.”