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World’s Greatest Spokesperson in the World returns

February 12, 2010

Today, Nationwide Insurance unveiled its new advertising campaign featuring The World’s Greatest Spokesperson in the World. This is the first time Nationwide has featured a recurring spokesperson for the company in an advertising campaign.

With Super Bowl ad buzz subsiding, the new campaign will debut February 12 in sixteen regional markets during the Olympics and nationally February 13 during the NASCAR Nationwide Series race in Daytona and the Daytona 500 on February 14.

“As we thought about our new campaign we knew we needed someone special – an advocate for our customers,” said Steven Schreibman, vice president of advertising and brand management for Nationwide. “When the World’s Greatest Spokesperson in the World heard what we wanted to do, he agreed to end his years in seclusion to help us listen to our customers to understand how we can better meet their needs.”

A Nationwide representative was able to track down the World’s Greatest Spokesperson in the World on a snowy mountaintop, his home since giving up the spokesperson business because he “cared too much.” The first ad in the campaign, which will debut during the Olympics and Daytona 500, reveals his dramatic decision to represent Nationwide and return to the work for which he had become known as the best in the business.

A new web page, will provide full background on the World’s Greatest Spokesperson in the World, including some of his previous work like a PSA titled “Bears are Dangerous,” and one about the danger of germs. The site will feature a full-length interview with the Spokesperson and a vignette with former Nationwide pitchman Fabio. It will help fans of the World’s Greatest Spokesperson in the World follow him on Twitter and Facebook and features eleven viral videos  provide other highlights from his unprecedented career in the spokesperson business. Videos will include clips from his starring role in the hit movie “Talk Back 2” and an on-line ad that chronicles his transition from mountain hermit to Nationwide Spokesperson.

“Nationwide is outspent by most of our competitors, so this campaign will leverage on-line and viral media in a huge way to give fans a chance to learn more about our legendary pitchman and hopefully build a dialogue with Nationwide about how our personalized customer service can make their insurance experience better,” Schreibman said. “The World’s Greatest Spokesperson in the world will be an advocate for consumers, listening to the things about insurance that frustrate them, and then challenging Nationwide to address these concerns.”

The campaign will begin with the dramatic 60-second Olympic commercial in heavy rotation, focusing on helping viewers understand why the World’s Greatest Spokesperson in the World chose to represent Nationwide and encouraging them to visit the campaign’s web page to learn more about this mysterious media icon. New ads will transition to messages about unique Nationwide Insurance product features like ‘Vanishing Deductible’ (deductibles that disappear over time for safe drivers) and ‘Discount Finder’ which scans policies to find discounts for which customers may be eligible.

This is the first major campaign launch for Nationwide by McKinney, which became Nationwide’s advertising agency of record in mid-2009.

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