McKinney studio artist featured in Design Student Confidential - McKinney

McKinney studio artist featured in Design Student Confidential

October 28, 2009

McKinney Studio Artist Rachel Strubinger is featured in Design Student Confidential, a collection of extraordinary class projects from international design schools. While at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, her assignment was to “Make a Chair,” as part of the class, “Modernism: History, Criticism and Theory.” Students were asked to consider “how to design a chair and have it be integral to their own unique history and values, thus becoming a metaphor for them as an individual in the world.”

Rachel’s chair utilizes the design principles of the psychedelic movement to explore her relationship with her much younger brothers. The “Sister Chair” was crafted by Swiss furniture designers Walt and Claudia Whittman. Bubinga, Baltic birch, and mahogany woods, along with a high-strength aluminum alloy were the materials used in the physical structure.

“This was one of the most challenging and exciting projects I’ve ever done,” said Rachel, who joined McKinney on September 21, 2009. “Usability has always been the element of design that fascinates me the most. Prior to this project, I’d only explored usability in more traditional ways, such as readability, hierarchy and user interface. Designing in 3-D opened my mind to a completely different way of thinking about how people interact with design.”