McKinney helps Urban Ministries avoid disatrous December - McKinney

McKinney helps Urban Ministries avoid disatrous December

December 22, 2008

As you may recall, Urban Ministries of Durham was gearing up for crisis mode during the month of December. With the economy worsening, its staff braced for an unprecedented number of individuals and families in need of their emergency services. They got the numbers. But they also had an angel in their pocket: McKinney.

“In large part due to the efforts of McKinney, December was a wildly successful month for UMD,” said Greg Rowland, Urban Ministries’ chairman of the board. With McKinney-created PSAs running on at least two TV stations around the Triangle, cash donations exceeded our expectations and gifts of food and clothing just kept coming in. Thank you very, very much.”

What else did we provide? How about this:

68 bags of groceries (If each bag is worth a conservative $30, then we donated $2,040.00 worth of food.) 29 winter coats 12 bags of clothes 1 $517.33 cash donation 1 $100.00 check in honor of two agency friends.

What an agency!

Look for more Urban Ministries of Durham news and outreach opportunities as we continue our work with this deserving organization.