It's Paisley, Love! - McKinney

It’s Paisley, Love!

April 17, 2008

Virgin Atlantic Airways and its agency of record, McKinney, have created a new brand expression for the innovative airline: Virgin Atlantic Paisley.

Introduced as part of Virgin Atlantic’s new Love From Above campaign that helped celebrate its newly unveiled Premium Economy cabin, the highly visual, intentionally clashing red and purple paisley was designed to imply both style and substance. At first glance, the paisley reflects iconic British design. But upon further inspection, travelers can see something more: Virgin Atlantic and British bits and bobs, such as umbrellas, tea cups, lions, planes and Big Ben sprinkled throughout the lively design.

Keith Ciampa, McKinney interactive creative director, teamed with UK-based Robert Gonzales to create design templates flexible enough to plug in dynamic messages that were tailored to a variety of environments and audiences both online and off. The paisley can be seen throughout the entire Love From Above branding platforms that includes everything from beer glasses and coasters to outdoor boards, kiosks, wrapped London cabs, online banners and Virgin Atlantic’s first-ever WAP site,

Quotes attributable to Aimee Young, head of brand and advertising, Virgin Atlantic North America:

“For 24 years, we’ve approached flying differently, treating our passengers like guests and innovating on their behalf. In recent years, we’ve been known for the distinctive features in Upper Class, such as the complimentary limo service and onboard bar. Love From Above reminds travelers we deliver a phenomenal experience regardless of where they sit on the plane.”

“The paisley celebrates Virgin Atlantic’s belief that traveling doesn’t have to be a boring, stuffy affair and Love From Above helps us connect with people who see travel the same way we do.”

Quotes attributable to Keith Ciampa, Interactive Creative Director at McKinney: “Virgin Atlantic Airways is a premium brand and our goal was to capture the brilliant basics and magic touches that create every flight experience.”

“Virgin Atlantic Airways is known for its unparalleled service and innovation. Including the newly unveiled Premium Economy cabin, which is now featured on every flight from the US. But how many companies can boast their very own paisley?”