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Virgin Mobile and McKinney partner with emerging artists

April 7, 2008

Creativity and commerce never sounded so good together. Charged with bringing the hip, young vision of Virgin Mobile USA to life, advertising agency McKinney responded by producing two TV spots, each featuring the music of two emerging artists. Virgin Mobile USA has always been recognized for the innovative ways it communicates with its customers so partnering with exciting new artists is ideal for launching their newest plans.

The McKinney team searched for both licensed and original music for each of the two spots. From the hundreds of options in each category, the band Dirty on Purpose of Downtown Music Publishing was chosen for their licensed track and Mysto & Pizzi created an original track through the award-winning music house Agent Jackson.

“Audience in The Room” by Dirty on Purpose is featured in the “Dusk Owls” spot, which shows a handful of people at dusk talking on their cell phones; the voiceover notes that Virgin Mobile USA customers can start their nights two hours earlier than on most carriers with Unlimited 7 p.m. Nights and Weekend minutes.

The second spot, “Phone Poets,” is a montage of young people texting in fun settings that features the original track “Free 2 Go,” created by the production duo Mysto & Pizzi. The voiceover here highlights Virgin Mobile USA’s new Unlimited Text and Messaging package for $10 a month, which covers texting, IM, email and photo messaging.

Continuing Virgin Mobile USA‚Äôs “You Rule” campaign that broke last fall, the spots are airing on MTV Networks, Cartoon Network‚Äôs adult swim and The CW this week.


Dirty on Purpose — A Brooklyn-based indie rock band signed to North Street Records and RCBD LBL whose latest EP “Like Bees” is available at their website

Mysto & Pizzi — Two hot young producers from Queens who have already worked with some of the biggest names in pop and R&B. Their tracks and remixes have been featured on songs by R. Kelly, Kelly Rowland, Justin Timberlake and Ciara. Their lives and work are documented on their website