McKinney's Andy Zupko joins core team at Papervision 3D - McKinney

McKinney’s Andy Zupko joins core team at Papervision 3D

January 28, 2008

McKinney proudly announces Andy Zupko, Interactive Programmer, has been selected to join the core team for Papervision 3D, creators of the most prevalent 3D Flash engine on the market.

Zupko, 25, is considered one of the top 3D Flash programmers, making him a key player for the future of Flash design. His math-driven, creative programming has given life to the Flash world by developing special effects coding for Papervision 3D.

‚ÄúWe are very proud of Andy’s achievement and the effort he brings to McKinney every day,‚Äù states Jim Russell, SVP, Director of Interactive Strategy. ‚ÄúAndy is innately inquisitive, and he collaborates exceptionally well with everyone around him. When Andy is on an assignment, we are far more assured that the work will be innovative.‚Äù

At McKinney, Zupko has helped lead web programming for such clients as Virgin Atlantic Airways, Qwest Communications, Brown-Forman Corporation’s Southern Comfort and Virgin Mobile USA.

A native of Alabama, Zupko has eight years of programming experience including work on COM server/medical informatics at Scottwares. He also worked at Distance Learning Integrators Inc. doing RIA for the United States government and helped develop eFieldTrips, a free service for students to take virtual fieldtrips.

Zupko’s work has earned him lecturing engagements with Rich Media Institute in New York City and San Francisco hosted by Bricka Bracka.