Color Chips

Living color

For TV, we made beautiful color-chip worlds — sometimes mesmerizing or soothing, other times adventurous or exhilarating. Just like life. Don't get too close to the screen to see the paint names and codes. That's bad for your eyes.

Color, not paint

People buy paint to turn something familiar into something new, and it usually starts by looking at the little, colored cards with a code and a paint name. Sherwin-Williams was the first paint brand to own the color chip and all of the possibilities it represents. For over seven years, we've built places to go, things to do and surprises to see — endless possibilities — using these cards.

Wait, what?

Look closely. Everything you see in the print ads above is made with individual color chips. And each color chip, when plausible, shows the actual Sherwin-Williams code and color name. That peacock? It's full of SW 6795, Major Blue.

...My husband and I are newlyweds in our first apartment trying to find a happy medium between "too girly" and "too man-cave." Now all we have to do is find a picture, chip it (!) and it gives us a great starting point...
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Chip It!

We made a browser button that analyzes the pixels in any image and matches what it finds to the closest corresponding Sherwin-Williams paint colors. It's now called Snap It. Here's the fun part: It makes a color palette that you can save to your ColorSnap profile, share or print. Don't have a painting project? You may be inspired to start one.

Cannes Lion
Color Search, powered by Sherwin-Williams

It allows users to search Apartment Therapy’s archive of over 1 million room photos by color. That’s right. By color. How? It analyzes every pixel in an image to find the most prominent colors and then matches the RGB values of those colors to the RGB values of more than 1,500 Sherwin-Williams paint colors. And why did we partner with Apartment Therapy to make Color Search? To reach the savviest young millennial women who often go there for DIY inspiration.

Wonderful—this is such a great tool! And the timing is impeccable.
Casey Sundar, Color Search enthusiast