More than the clog

The second iteration of #FindYourFun featured two spots showing more Crocs styles, more people wearing them and the fun that's possible together in colorful, waterproof footwear. Partnerships with Food Network, New York's Time Out Magazine and the Heads Up! game took Crocs-like fun to "Chopped Jr.," print and mobile. TODAY show hosted a contest, too. Basically, fun was everywhere, and that's the point.

The Crocs Funway Runway

A diver, a banana and a hula girl went down a waterslide. What shoes did they wear? Yes. It happened for real and then online through Twitter. The idea deserved a party with synchronized swimmers, so our Experiential Marketing team organized one on a rooftop pool in Midtown Manhattan. 

At its core, the Crocs brand has always been about fun.
Terence Reilly
Vice President of Global Marketing for Crocs
All hail the clog

There are people who like Crocs clogs and people who don’t. But all people like to have fun, and that’s what Crocs is all about. You could say that on a scale of 1 to 10, its fun factor is a 10.5. So we made this polarizing shoe the center of the #FindYourFun campaign, and then we took it to a pool. Because Crocs. Two things have grown since: traffic to and wholesaler purchases.