Her master's degree in economics from Yale was no help when Kerry was a location manager on the set of “Cider House Rules,” where she lost all of her money in a poker game. To Toby McGuire. But that's one of few losses during her career as an environmental consultant, entrepreneur and leader at agencies such as Mother and 72andSunny. “Advertising was a happy accident,” she says. “My dad worked at Leo Burnett back in the day and was a career CMO, but no one was as surprised as he was when 72 acquired my communications company and I became director of earned media there.”

Kerry came to McKinney to “build relationships with the people building the work.” Her experience as a creative director means she can relate to the pressures creatives are under. But as a successful entrepreneur, she also appreciates the risks of buying creative work. “This is the most fun you can have and get paid for it.”

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