USES: Case studies and general user stories

#MissingType promoted blood donationWeRSM 
In its second year, the campaign by MHP Communications is aiming to reach 1 billion (with a B) people by working with global blood donation organizations. So far, the call to remove Os, As and Bs has attracted the attention of, among other brands, Micr s ft, C d  ury and McD n ld’s.

NBCUniversal premiered a Snapchat version of “The Voice” — LA Times
Snappers submit videos that are reviewed by the show’s judges, with winners potentially ending up on the TV version of the program in September. This is a great example of a brand zooming out and using social content to complement, rather than duplicate, their main product. We’re interested to see how well it engages millennials, whose thumbs are more apt to swipe than change channels.

Computer script read signs of depression on InstagramNPR
It analyzed galleries of photos and accurately predicted a depression diagnosis 54% of the time. We knew social analytics tools could offer sentiment analysis with words, but here it comes with images, too.

Harassment on Twitter reached new highsWall Street Journal

  • A black woman was chosen to run a Twitter account meant to showcase the wide range of people living in @Ireland. But Michelle was pummeled for eight hours with racist tweets and replies. Though she came back on Tuesday, saying she will “rise again, stronger than ever,” we wondered why @Ireland left Michelle to defend herself. — Mashable
  • When Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla, was shot after grabbing a 3-year-old boy (who entered his enclosure), disapproving tweeters posted thousands of hateful memes, GIFs and messages to @cincinnatizoo. The zoo’s account was deleted last Monday in response. We hope they restore the account (and regain their followers) and would’ve advised establishing a PR plan first. — NY Daily News

Twitch marathon starred disabled gamers — Engadget
Six gamers invited by the AbleGamers charity showed how they accommodate for their disability and highlighted awareness for accessibility in gaming. eSports is not a fad any more than Snapchat is. In fact, like ESPN, we would not be surprised to see it at the Olympics in four years. Also, grandma does it.

Twizzler Challenge
ICYMI: Just click the link.


INFLUENCERS: Voices behind the hype

Kardashians found to violate FTC rules of disclosureMashable
…gasp. Just because the FTC doesn't catch you doesn't mean someone else won't.

Steph Curry takes PressPlay to the Far EastForbes
Steph is hoping to tap the network's strong user base in China, with over 620 million smartphone users, through live streams, Q&A sessions and more. We have no doubt he’ll make this shot.      


CHANGES: Updates to existing platforms

Twitter added DM button for websites — WeRSM
It allows visitors to DM a brand’s Twitter account from the site, which is great for customer service. If you add this button, prepare for customers to use it. Alert the bots!

YouTube announced it’s adding a “Backstage” feature — VentureBeat
Creators will be able to share photos, polls and text with their fans inside the platform. This is going to be fun. Brands, start your engines.   

Imgur launched native ad unit — Adweek
The promoted posts will be inserted into users' streams using no data targeting, ever. And Imgur says it's going to stay that way because they want to create a genuinely shared experience among all Imgurians. With 150 million monthly users, called the "lost boys" of the internet, it’s advertisers’ strange new world.


NEWBIES: Emerging platforms

We are putting our hands in the air for this tune-sharing app. It lets you stream and share SoundCloud and Spotify tracks with friends so that you can listen together (the songs are synced). You can also forward songs via other apps.

Olympic ChannelReuters
This new digital platform, available on Android and iOS, was launched right after the closing ceremony in Rio by the International Olympic Committee, backed by $450 million and a staff of nearly 100. With NBC Olympic ratings down, digital is the way to reach more people, especially younger folks. But 365 days of Olympics-related coverage?

Lifestage — The Next Web
Developed by Facebook, it's basically Snapchat for high schoolers (only!) where they can let their peers know how they’re doing via video. No advertising option yet, but brands targeting teens should be prepared to bring their video A-game. Here’s a taste.