USES: Case studies and general user stories

Dixie announced pop-up restaurants in LA’s cellular dead zonesPR Newswire 
Meant to encourage people to friend each other, like and comment IRL, the brand’s Deadzone Diners guarantee no one will be checking Twitter or trying Snapchat’s latest filter while they eat. We admire the creativity but wonder how we’ll remember the meal if we can’t Instagram our plates.

Rent the Runway employees used as fit models on SnapchatGlossy
Want to see how that fancy dress will fit your curves before renting it? An RTR staffer with a body closest to your measurements will try it on, answer questions and voice concerns via Snapchat. One-on-one works well on this platform, and with disappearing content, it’s a great move for RTR.

Sony Pictures tried Snapchat’s 360-degree ad formatThe Drum
Teasers for the horror movie “Don’t Breathe” were suitably breathtaking. With help from the movie’s creators and director Fede Alvarez, Sony set the bar high for future Snap Ad makers by allowing users to move forward, not just turn around, in the 360-degree environment. 

MTV’s VMA Instagram account launched, we yawnedThe Drum
The Video Music Awards account represents MTV’s 31-year history with images, quotes and text — but no videos. The few we found among the 105 posts are spots for the VMAs, which not only deviates from the historical focus but isn’t nearly as fun as music video footage from 1984 to 2016. It could’ve been a great way to reach out to MTV’s next viewers, Gen Z, who are on the platform but respond to video best.


INFLUENCERS: Voices behind the hype

Fohr Card agency explained how influencers get paid — Marie Claire
Once a budget is approved, the agency consults its database, which runs an algorithm measuring more than 30 data points, to find the best fit and offers the job to influencers who complement the campaign goals. Everything from the day and time of each post to the number of hashtags is included in that price. No negotiation.

Leanne Lim-Walker starred in Unilever TV spot The Drum
Putting a YouTube star in a TV spot with an accompanying website to sell body spray is an old-fashioned way to use a social media influencer. We’ve seen such good stuff come from Unilever and are surprised by this.


CHANGES: Updates to existing platforms


  • Opened Messenger to ad bots, restricted reply timeEngadget 
    • If you message a bot, it has 24 hours to reply unless it’s a subscription-based bot, the message is template-based or the bot sends news, weather and health info. Also, these “automated assistants” can sell you services and content. Bot it?
  • Added Snapchatty filtersDigital Buzz Blog
    • It’s this week’s example No. 1 of a niche platform broadening into a content system with something for everyone. At this rate, we expect the internet to be “social” and “social” to be the internet before too long.

Instagram added a Snapchatty channel for live eventsAd Age
Example No. 2: Think Snapchat's Live Stories, but on Instagram. It makes a good case for experiential marketing to work closely with social media, given that you'll need organic coverage of live brand activations.

Twitter added Snapchatty promoted stickersTechCrunch
Example No. 3: We called it. Pepsi was the exclusive launch partner with 50 stickers as part of their global PepsiMoji campaign. Stickers can serve as visual hashtags, which could lead to some helpful analytics if the trend (wait for it) sticks.

Giphy launched official live-events GIFsDigiday
When people search for event content on Giphy or its partner sites (Twitter, Facebook), these GIFs, created by Giphy Studios, will get first billing. It’s a smart quality-control measure. No word on pricing.

Pinterest started selling video adsRecode
They’re charging by impression. Will this seem (more) intrusive since pinners don't typically go to Pinterest to watch videos? We wonder. 


NEWBIES: Emerging platforms

Mr. RobotTechCrunch
Fans of the TV show “Mr. Robot” can play a game that mimics a messaging app where you message different characters (bots) from the show to get clues and choose your own adventure to see how your actions would affect the show's timeline. In corporate-speak, that’s a “next-level use” of messaging bots. 

Facebook’s desktop gaming platformTechCrunch
It’s in the works. Their Oculus acquisition was the last major step toward gaming, and this is the next. Brilliant.