USES: Case studies and general user stories

Airbnb swiped left on botsVentureBeat
Sure, they could make bots that help users find the best sub sandwiches nearby or where to rent bikes, boogie boards or scuba gear, but they’re choosing to accept recommendations from their (human) hosts only. With newsfeeds full of positive bot-talk, it’s a great example of a company staying true to its brand. 

Whole Foods swiped right on botsDigital Trends
Their new Facebook Messenger bot responds with healthy recipes corresponding to food-related emojis you send it. Might be a nice shortcut for shoppers at the store who need ideas stat. But the new Pizza Hut chatbot brings food to your door, so. 

Jimmy Fallon, Ariana Grande lip-synced on SnapchatYouTube
The celebs mouthed the words to Grande’s hit "Into You" using almost every Snapchat filter. The prerecorded footage was uploaded and synced to the music, an example of how the new functionality can open things up for brands. We wonder if it will eventually deter a community built on authentic, in-the-moment content.


INFLUENCERS: Voices behind the hype

Snapchat influencer pay revealedInc.
The article on Nasdaq’s recent use of an influencer reports that professionals on that platform can expect to earn “around $2,800 for a single Snapchat story, and $18,000 for a three-month order of weekly stories.” Time to plump that digital advertising budget? 

Models negotiate higher pay with influencer statusGlossy
Male models are already paid far less than their female counterparts, but now they must prove they’re worth even that — and more, hopefully — by attracting hoards of Instagram followers. Fashion brands, consider requesting models who are also influencers. Know that you may have to pay more, but it’s worth it.

Warner Bros. pays the FTC for its mistakesCNET
The brand paid influencers like PewDiePie to make YouTube gameplay videos, but viewers had to click “Show More” in the description box to read that it was sponsored content. The onus is on marketers to monitor their influencers for compliance.


CHANGES: Updates to existing platforms

Facebook said Instagram-size videos are bestAdweek
Videos with 1-to-1 ratios increase completion rates by 67%. We’re curious: How does this square (ha) with earlier articles about how advertisers should consider making vertical videos to fit the vertical screen of Snapchat?

Pokémon GoTechCrunch and Ad Age
Because the record-breaking mobile game has been driving foot traffic better than other social media apps, branded Pokéstops (locations) will soon be for sale on a cost-per-visit basis. It’s all happening so fast that by the time Socializ’d is published, Pikachu may be running for president. Aaand we’re gonna let that go without further comment because we like our jobs.

Twitter’s audience API made available to all brandsVentureBeat
Though it provides enough data so you can create audience segments three different ways, you will see only 500 user search results (down from 10,000), and it uses statistical sampling to reduce the number of samples needed. User privacy trumps a data free-for-all. 


NEWBIES: Emerging platforms

The keyboard includes over 400 female emojis to use in Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack, iMessage, Snapchat Chats and texts. Hat tip to Always, who called attention to this deficit in March. Bonus: 50% of She-Moji profits go to the Malala Fund.

Polaroid’s app reminds us of Boomerang, in that it shoots video at 60 frames per second. Then, users swipe their finger over it to see the content. With "the olds" now on Facebook and Snapchat, the timing is right. Plus, the nostalgic brand is regaining popularity.

ROLRCult of Mac
The new iOS app is “like karaoke for movie fans,” and it could be a new platform for films to engage fans.