USES: Case studies and general user stories

Two-thirds of us watch Snapchat video ads with sound — Wall Street Journal
Wow. Is this yet another example of the appeal of the ephemeral? So few of us unmute Facebook ads that advertisers are advised to make videos that users can understand without sound. But that's not necessary with Snapchat.

Sports on social mediaWeRSM,, Adweek
With dedicated fans, access to athletes and well-documented histories, sports are inherently social. And the NHL, NBA and NFL are playing social media as hard as any game on ice, court or turf. 

  • The NBA partnered with Samsung VR and released the first 360-degree video on Twitter at the NBA Finals. 
  • Steph Curry — one of the most popular athletes ever — released his own emojis.
  • The National Hockey League has planned multiple activations this season, including a #MyPlayoffsMoment video aggregation, Twitter Mirrors and live stories on Facebook and Snapchat. 

Tok&Stok installs Pinterest pins in its storesCreativity    
The Brazilian furniture store partnered with Pinterest to make real-life (and real large) red pins that connect with the PinList app on shoppers’ phones via Bluetooth. Like that ottoman, that end table, that dresser? Pin it. Really, press the huge red pin on or near the item to add it to your board. We think it’s a bigger win for Pinterest than the store due mainly to an awkward user experience.
Australia political debate to air on Facebook LiveMashable
No date has been set yet, but the prime minister and his opponent agreed to a debate hosted by and Facebook. We hope they stream the debate on at least one other platform.

MTV gauges its Snapchat success using TwitterAdweek
Cross-platform sharing is a whole new level of engagement. MTV noticed Snapchat users taking screen shots of its Discover content and sharing it on Twitter, so they’ve begun using this data (plus analytics from Snapchat) to guide their decisions about future Discover content.


INFLUENCERS: Voices behind the hype

White House emails influencers and crosses its…12 columnsBreitBart
During June’s Immigration Heritage Month, celebrity A-listers and social media influencers received an email with pro-immigration talking points in hopes that they spread the word to their millions of followers to promote the White House's immigration policies. With A-lister and First Lady Michelle Obama under its roof, the administration understands both the power of social media and those who wield it best: influencers. 


CHANGES: Updates to existing platforms

Instagram’s feed goes from chronological to algorithmicVenture Beat
Remember when Facebook made this change and we all freaked out? No? You’ll forget this, too. But for brands, now more than ever, engagement trumps followers, period.

Apple's app store adds adsBusiness Insider
When looking for a new app to download, you'll likely see an ad for one along with the search results. With Facebook running the online world, including the app store, this could give the little guys a chance, at least the little guys with some money. 

Snapchat’s Discover and Live Stories redesign launches — Digiday
Both types of content are on the main page, now called the Stories page. Tiles with backgrounds and headlines have replaced brand logos, which will likely draw more readers. Users can also subscribe to Discover stories. All of this is great news for brands with ads inside the Discover stories (see USES section above).

Facebook built an engine that understands textWeRSM
DeepText can read and understand text as well as humans can in thousands of posts written in over 20 different languages every second (so, more and faster than humans can). As Mary Meeker reminded us last week with her Internet Trends Report, big data is only getting bigger. Cue The Police.


NEWBIES: Emerging platforms

Gamers can connect their YouTube and Twitch accounts to their profiles on this new social network, as well as post their status, etc. We’re not sure what this will add to an already highly connected, engaged and social community.
Motion StillsTechCrunch
The free app from Google offers iOS video stabilization and makes GIFs. Runs just got a lot cooler.             

Tonsser TechCrunch
Real-life soccer players can create profiles, upload and share photos and videos of match highlights, add match/team stats, and follow other clubs/players on this awkwardly named social platform. Nike is already using it to identify promising players in Denmark, and niche platforms like this are influencer goldmines.