USES: Case studies and general user stories

Euro teams + Twitter DMs = instant score updatesThe Drum
Follow as many as six #EURO2016 competing nations on Twitter. Then, send a DM with the word "play" and enable notifications on your phone’s lock screen. "Goal alerts" will come through as direct messages throughout a game. Soccer is probably the only sport that makes sense for this. Can you imagine being notified via DM of each basket made during the NBA Finals? No.

Facebook Messenger has a hidden soccer gameTechCrunch
Basically, try to keep a soccer ball (emoji) up in the air as long as you can with friends on Messenger. Technically, the possibilities are endless. Specifically, we can’t wait to see the first sports brand partner with Messenger on this. 

One user’s comments across Reddit add up to dystopian novelReddit, PSFK    
A subreddit has gathered all the comments and put them in order so that they read like a story. This is a perfect example of organic content suited to the community, complete with mystery, anonymity (for a while) and intrigue. Brands, take note. 

EDC will stream on Facebook LiveMashable
Watch one of the largest electronic dance music festivals live on Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch.TV, and — AND on individual artist’s pages, too. Wondering why anyone would buy an expensive festival ticket? Thinking about possible sponsorship opportunities inside live video? We are, too. All of it. 

Artificial intelligence wrote a short sci-fi filmThe Next Web
A self-named AI, Benjamin, was fed ‘80s and ‘90s screenplays to create a 9-minute film. Given that bots have been in the news often recently, let this be proof humans are still the only beings able to write a good script. Congrats, copywriters! Sorry, Bina48.

INFLUENCERS: Voices behind the hype

Unboxing moves to SnapchatDigiday
Filming the removal of a brand-new product from its box has long been a popular YouTube video format. Now it’s moving to Snapchat, the platform famous for behind-the-scenes footage. GQ is unboxing new sneakers (before their viewers can), and Benefit is sending influencers personalized packages to unbox. 

NFL linebacker Ray Lewis uses Chatter to support OrlandoPR Newswire
Remember Chatter? It’s where celebs and influencers donate their time to video chat one-on-one with fans for five minutes to raise money for a charity. Last week, the charity was in support of the Orlando victims and the celeb was Ray Lewis (with help from his friend DJ Skee). See Mom, social media isn’t all bad.

CHANGES: Updates to existing platforms

Snapchat launches a new API, and ads play between storiesAdweek
The API uses more than 20 companies divided into two groups: Ads Partners develop software for advertisers, and Creative Partners help advertisers create vertical-video content. And ads will now play between the stories of the folks you follow. This means advertisers don’t need to work with Discover publishers, the only way to advertise on the platform previously.

Snapchat and Facebook link ads with in-store salesAd Age and Ad Age
Just in time for Cannes and a new API, Snapchat announced its tenth partnership with a third party to measure the results of advertising on its platform. Facebook, too, announced a link between store visits/sales and their social ads last week. Our social media ROI prayers have been answered, if true.

Twitter targets emoji usersAdweek
Lucky for you, Domino’s.

Twitter offers research hub to brands and agenciesWeRSM
Insights, anyone? Twitter has launched "Twitter Insiders," a network of 12,000 users aged 16+ for brands and agencies to use for live research. This has huge potential. 

Bumble adds a music preferenceTechCrunch
The dating app has integrated with Spotify, so now you can swipe left when you see that a potential match still has “Blurred Lines” in a playlist. Bumble’s innovation and stuff are working, with 5.5 million users spending an average of 100 minutes per day in the app.

NEWBIES: Emerging platforms

Internet Creators GuildMashable
No need to sign with digital, for-profit production companies anymore, famous people! YouTube star Hank Green’s nonprofit protects and propels creators.

WinnieFast Co. Design
Think Yelp for parents who need restaurants with changing tables and malls with easy-to-find nursing stations. It’s a great example of using an existing technology to serve a new audience. It reminds us of Apr├Ęs, the LinkedIn for stay-at-home moms returning to the workplace.