If you want an overload of the senses, where do you go?

CES, of course. Where everything is the latest and the greatest — and you can see what the future may (or may not) be. And where there is oh so much of everything except sleep. Especially for McKinney’s intrepid Experiential Marketing team.

Building on the 4-D thrill rides they created for Samsung in years’ past, this year’s team constructed an entire city — Samsung City, that is. The “city” served as the platform for Samsung’s next generation “Intelligence of Things” ecosystem of connected devices. Featured prominently was The Wall, Samsung’s modular TV that can be configured to the viewer’s desired size (they rocked a 146-inch model at the show) and controlled by Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant. You can read about the TV, the myriad of other devices, and the connectivity of it all right here.