On Thursday, during the mad, headlong rush called Advertising Week—New York, McKinney GCD Jenny Nicholson made some time to speak with New York high school seniors interested in pursuing an advertising career.

The talk — “I have the best job in the world (most of the time)” — took place at the School of Visual Arts Theater as part of the Ad Club of New York’s AD Futures High School Competition. Jenny entertained and exhorted the students with observations like, “You get to make things that live in the world that are bigger than yourself.” and “In advertising, people ask you to solve a problem, and you say, ‘Yes, I have the answer.’”

Jenny also invited the over 100 kids present to play PAYBACK, an immersive online experience that educates students to make wise decisions on how they’ll pay for college. (You can read what The New York Times had to say about it here.)

And of course, Jenny being Jenny, she ended it on the perfect note: “Stay smart, brave and beautiful and willing to go back to the well again and again and you’ll be great in advertising.”

Who wouldn’t want to sign up for that future?