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The legacy of Glenn Green, our 12-year-old intern

July 23, 2015 McKinney

Can a kid build a legacy in five days? Ask anyone at McKinney, and they’ll tell you yes if that kid is Glenn Green. Last week we had the pleasure of working with an aspiring art director from the Emily K. Center. And it really was a pleasure. Below, people who worked with him each day and others who met him by chance in the office share their impressions of Glenn, the youngest intern ever hired by an ad agency.

How Facebook’s See First list could affect brands

July 15, 2015 McKinney

“It’s a step beyond Facebook likes,” said Social Media Specialist Jimmy Patel-Nguyen. He’s talking about Facebook’s new See First capability, which allows users to choose up to 30 accounts whose posts they wish to see at the top of their news feed.

McKinney hires the industry’s youngest art director

July 13, 2015 McKinney

Glenn Green, an 12-year-old who completed his sixth year at Maureen Joy Charter School in May, has been hired to work at McKinney on the 2015 Triangle Corporate Battle of the Bands, specifically to design and promote a new award for the September event. He starts today and reports to Associate Creative Director Ellen Springer, who said, “Glenn’s creativity and drive make him a natural addition to our Battle team, and we look forward to working with him.”

Analyst Justin Weber calls Google Trends the new front page of the Internet

June 24, 2015 McKinney

Last week, Mashable reported that Google had expanded Google Trends with worldwide real-time trend information and images culled from Google News and YouTube. “The real-time data tool gives users access to the roughly 100 billion monthly searches performed on Google,” says writer Adario Strange.

Stars and royalty shown in their Crocs, brand responds

June 19, 2015 McKinney

The media coverage of Crocs on the rich and famous continues. It started with Alan Cumming and then Helen Mirren in April on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. This week, Britain’s Prince George wore Crocs to his dad’s polo game and was caught by paparazzi doing such things as walking with his mom, playing with a truck and hitting a miniature polo stick. People Magazine covered it all.

CCO Jonathan Cude talks to Serial podcast creators about binge-worthy journalism

June 18, 2015 McKinney

McKinney’s focus is on influence through creativity, and, arguably, no one in the past 12 months has influenced our culture more creatively than the podcast Serial. Its combination of rigorous reporting and expert storytelling made addicts out of listeners around the world who downloaded the podcast more than 88 million times.

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