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Dax, Kristen and Samsung’s Tab S go viral

October 07, 2014 McKinney

The 90-second spot following a day in the life of expecting parents Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell has been viewed nearly 20 million times. That’s called viral.

Financial Times talks to UMD’s Patrice Nelson about “Names for Change”

September 25, 2014 Financial Times

Earlier this week, reporter Sarah Murray wrote about the growing popularity of offering naming rights to encourage philanthropic gifts. You may have heard about “Falik’s Men’s Room” in Harvard Law School a couple years ago. In her Financial Times article, Murray sites that example and discusses the desire of U.S. donors, much more than their European counterparts, to be recognized publically for their donations. She concludes by using Urban Ministries of Durham’s newest campaign as an object lesson.

Yusuf Chuku tells Strategy Magazine readers to shape culture by embracing it

September 08, 2014 Strategy Magazine

Head of Strategic Services published an article this week about the misconception that brands and the consumers it engages exist separately from the culture at large. But they are not distinct, and marketers need to get into the “real world” of everything from technology and education to “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Because that’s culture, and it influences how the people who live in it perceive the brands (who live in it, too).

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