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Digiday Retail Summit asks Jim Russell to tell our Mizuno Running story

July 23, 2014 mckinney

On Tuesday, July 29, Chief Innovation Officer Jim Russell will present a Mizuno Running case study at the Digiday Retail Summit in Deer Valley, Utah. His presentation “Word-of-Foot Marketing: How Mizuno Moved the Shoe Trial Experience from Store to Road” will candidly cover the obstacles overcome, tactics used, lessons learned and results garnered with The Mezamashii Run Project.

Prologue Games started inside McKinney, celebrates one year

July 22, 2014 mckinney

Colin Dwan worked at McKinney for almost three years before his passion for making interactive entertainment drove him to start his own company called Prologue Games. “I had an idea of what I wanted to make, used some extra money to get some folks together to write a script, and saw an opportunity to pursue my dream job,” said Colin. We wished Colin well in August 2013, and then we welcomed him back.

Warc says many brilliant runs make one smart Mizuno campaign

July 10, 2014 mckinney

Warc announced today that Mizuno’s “Mezamashii Run Project,” mezamashii being Japanese for brilliant, was ranked No. 28 on their annual list of the world's best marketing campaigns, the Warc 100, which is based on campaign performance in effectiveness and strategy.

Games for Change includes SPENT in Summer of Learning lineup

June 16, 2014 mckinney

Students in seven U.S. cities with a Summer of Learning (SOL) program will be encouraged to play SPENT as part of this year’s curriculum. Games for Change (G4C), who curated a group of five digital games with high learning value, age-appropriate content and great gameplay for SOL, is making the games available to program participants today.

Five summer reads for agency innovators

June 16, 2014 mckinney

Everyone in advertising is trying to come up with “more leading ideas, faster.” That’s how McKinney Chief Innovation Officer Jim Russell defines innovation, and he thinks reading these books could help you do it better. His picks aren’t the usual creativity how-tos brimming with references to philosophy and psychology. Some you could even take to the beach. It is summer, after all.

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